Stupid rules

For all you weary Soho workers needing to rest those aching bipeds – the blue milk crate at the side of my van is not a seat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sit on it. Just got to make that clear because god forbid I offered a chair. You would need to get a license for that. And pay a sigh tax when you elevate those load-bearing limbs of course. Life on a market is full of shit rules. “Don’t put rubbish in the bin unless you pay for a sticker that says you have paid” – that’s just generating more rubbish. Unload your van and you get a parking ticket and there go the profits. Scratch your head at the unjust nature of the commission based parking fine and you would probably get nicked  for scalp assault. I say make like Phil up there and stick it to the man on the NOT seat.

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