If it’s broke Angus’ll fix it.


My mate Angus is the director of streetcoaching.com and has kindly offered free 15min coaching sessions at the Brewed Boy van this Friday. He will walk you to work and help you figure  out how to get where you want to be. Can’t say fairer than that. Angus will be at the van from 8am this Friday.

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2 Responses to If it’s broke Angus’ll fix it.

  1. spoonstandsupthenmelts says:

    Grab Angus and enjoy his skills. He is a master of what he does. You may end up walking round the block an extra time just to continue the conversation.
    Brewedboy: you are underperforming in the blog contributions coalmine. Don’t let the coffee get cold.

  2. You get coffee and then during that walk into work you can get real focus on something you want a bit of help with. What a great idea! Help set you up for the day/ weekend or maybe even start thinking about something bigger…
    Also for anyone who doesn’t know Angus- he is a star- take the time and walk with him.

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