Not from Flat White


My amazing stock control reared its ugly head again today leaving my cups without their shiny protective helmets. There is nothing more undignified than a flat white with its latte art hanging out all over the place.Thankfully the lovely guys at Fernandez & Wells hooked me up with some shiny, black cup covers. Brewed Boy sighed a sigh of pure relief until he realised his coffees were now sporting the iconic monochrome of super cafe Flat White. Nothing for it but to bust out the trusty mulberry marker and set the record straight x 100.

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One Response to Not from Flat White

  1. Greedy Diva says:

    Hey – cool new blog! What’s happened to your old one? Congrats on the well deserved mention in The Independent today. Been drinking Greek coffee all week – looking forward to a good flattie on my return….

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