Do you sell hotdogs?

Stooge 1: “Give us a hotdog.”

BB: “Sorry,” said I “this is a coffee trolley, we only sell coffee.”

enter Stooge 2. He is bigger and has a nasty scar on the bridge of his nose. He is so wasted his eyes look like they have been transplanted from a dead fish.

S2: “are there any whore houses still open mate?”

BB: “sorry?”

S1: “don’t ask him he’s a fucking wanker. He don’t even sell hotdogs.”

Exit stooges. BB can clearly here them chant “wanker” as they stagger off. BB doubts whorehouses ever close and feels sad for whores.

“At least I don’t have to pay for sex,” BB says to no one in particular 10 minutes later.

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