SoHo games #2


There is a game in SoHo people like to play. It’s called pat down pat – some guys played today.

It’s pretty easy. One: You stand around looking sleazy. Two: you have to bug your eyes out, scratch yourself and just act all crazy. You have probably guessed it’s a silly game but I haven’t told you why it gets its name.

Put simply PC Plod pats you down while you stand around and frown. “You’re disrespectin me!” is a common ruse while the PC’s try to find rocks in your shoes – but remember! if he finds them, well then you lose.

But don’t worry because the legal system likes a loser and you can always play again tomorrow.

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One Response to SoHo games #2

  1. Harel Malka says:

    Though sometimes there’s the accidental super hero wannabe taking care of business… Pants-over-tights not included.

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