“I had this guy make me feel sick the other day. Came up to me and I thought ‘ok here we go’ and he said he wanted a girl 13, 14. He was an English guy said he had to meet his wife in an hour. Took 350 quid off him. Said it was much easier in Thailand. His oldest daughter was sixteen. That’s the sort of thing I think about. Have you seen that Indian girl in the paper who wants to be a prostitute? Only 19. Pretty girl. Charged some city guy 5000 for two hours. Said she was gonna do it for three years, buy a house and give it up.”

Clip girls stand on the street and offer to take blokes to prostitutes. They take the client to a door – any old door – take payment and pretend to post it through the letter box. The client is told to wait on the step for five minutes. Of course no one ever comes and the clip girl has disappeard.

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One Response to Clipped

  1. organicbump says:

    Clipping really is a Soho art. I didn’t know what it was until I started working here.

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