Street Barista survival skills #2 – breakfast

It is a well documented fact someone threatening to stab you makes you burn calories. And no one in the free world gets offered a shanking more than a Street Barista. When this situation arises, whether you choose fight or flight, it is essential you are loaded with carbs. Below is the recipe for a typical field brekkie.

You need:


1: place three wheetabix in a takeaway cup. Don’t be afraid to wedge them in.


2: steam some milk. A nice tight micro foam gives the cereal a creamy texture.


3: pour the milk down the side of the cup allowing the dry biscuits to absorb the creamy goodness.


4: add copious amounts of sugar and you are ready to fight (or run away)


If you decide to face the hoodies and end up getting stabbed, wheetabix make a very effective field dressing as they are highly absorbent.

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2 Responses to Street Barista survival skills #2 – breakfast

  1. Jason Fitzpatrick says:

    Alternatively, defend yourself with a cup of boiling water and a portafilter 🙂

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