Brewed Boy podcast #2

Ho, Ho, Ho! Brewed Boy’s resident Santa, the ever jolly Dave Rutter, is riding his sleigh through the sky. Can you hear him jingle? He doesn’t give a damn if you’ve been naughty or nice just get ready for him to drop his audio presents down your ear chimneys and into the stockings of your soul. Merry Christmas one and all!

Download (mp3, 48 MB)
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Track listing:

  1. Sun (Midland Re-edit) – Caribou. Original version on the ‘Swim’ album, 2010, City Slang
  2. Keep Your Eyes On The Road – Lone Wolf. From the ‘The Devil And I’ album, 2010, Bella Union
  3. Limit To Your Love – James Blake. ‘Limit To Your Love’ single, 2010, R&S
  4. Sonoi – Micro-Coliseum. Digital download through the Shaking Through sessions project
  5. Lovely Bloodflow – Baths. From the ‘Cerulean’ album, 2010, anticon
  6. Girls – Carolina. From the ‘Broken Dreams Club’ mini-album, 2010, Turnstile
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