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Wray and Nephew Overproof White Rum

I have been drinking rum for years but it wasn’t until recently that I started drinking it for breakfast. A friend told me of a charming off license on Rupert St. where a small yet excellent range of liquors are sold. I opted for the 200cl bottle of Wray and Nephew White Rum which, at 63% proof, is more than enough to get you shit-faced provided you have had a few cans of strong cider as an appetiser. The rum was at once warming and numbing – my mind instantly drifted off to the beaches of Jamaica; a cool salty breeze calming my sun-gorged skin, a can of jolly jolly lager beer in one hand, a dirty great spliff in the other, the scent of coconut oil on the glistening back of the black princess laying beside me. I have heard of some people using soft drinks as an accompaniment to rum but I chose to chug mine in the traditional way – wrapped in brown paper and with an open gullet. At just under 8 quid Wray and Nephew is not the cheapest way to quell a rising panic but it certainly is the quickest. 3*

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2 Responses to The Thirsty Addict – a review blog for people with real hungers

  1. Asif says:

    Just one lickle bottle a day and all your problems seem solved…
    So this is how you’ve been keeping warm. Also works well as lighter fluid!

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