Brewed Boy podcast #3

At least someone’s doing some blogging round ’ere. Maestro Rutter has laid down another collection of fine tunes interspersed with musings from the tip of his silver tongue. We are officially in the midst of the most depressing time of year so put down the bottle, turn up the tunes and, for fuck’s sake, pull yourself together man.

Download (mp3, 43 MB)
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Track listing:

  1. Up & Down – Chad Valley. From the ‘Chad Valley’ EP, 2010, Cascine
  2. I Was Thinking… – Gauntlet Hair. From the ‘I Was Thinking…’ single, 2010, now on Dead Oceans Records
  3. Go Outside – Cults. From ‘Cults 7″’, 2010, Forest Family Records
  4. Modern Drift – Efterklang. From the ‘Magic Chairs’ album, 2010, 4AD
  5. Cloud 909 – Lone. From ‘Emerald Fantasy Tracks’ on Magic Wire Recordings, 2010
  6. All Come Down – Steve Mason. From the ‘Boys Outside’ album, 2010, Double Six (Domino)
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4 Responses to Brewed Boy podcast #3

  1. Tom says:

    Love these podcasts! Keep em going Dave

  2. Dave says:

    Many thanks Tom, much appreciated. There’ll be more on the way shortly, so stay tuned. Sorry for the late reply btw, I missed your comment.

  3. Chris says:

    Another fan of these here. Missed the first couple when they first appeared, but been enjoying all three recently. Keep ’em coming!

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