Brewed Boy podcast #4

“Another fan of these here. Missed the first couple when they first appeared, but been enjoying all three recently. Keep ’em coming!” – Chris. WISH GRANTED!!!!!!!!! Who’s next? What’s that little girl? You want a flat white? WISH GRANTED!!!!!!!

Brewed Boy may not be able to grant wishes. Musical podcast created by Dave Rutter.

Download (mp3, 40 MB)
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Track listing:

  1. ‘Devil’s Spoke’ – Laura Marling. From ‘I Speak Because I Can’, 2010, Virgin
  2. ‘Dead Reckoning’ – Floating Action. From ‘Shaking Through Volume 1’, 2010, Weathervane Music
  3. ‘Bear’ – The Antlers. From ‘Hospice’, 2009, Frenchkiss Records
  4. ‘Ginger’ – Twin Sister. From the ‘Vampires with Dreaming Kids’ EP, 2010, Double Six (Domino)
  5. ‘Same Dream China’ – Gold Panda. From ‘Lucky Shiner’, 2010, Notown Records
  6. ‘Too Many Birds’ – Bill Callahan. From ‘Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle’, 2009, Drag City
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