Brewed Boy podcast #5

Ladettes and lentilmen it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you a staggering feat of musical ingenuity the likes of which have never graced our ears. From the fiendish mind of the great Dave Rutter I present the fifth and finest Brewed Boy Podcast featuring strobe lighting and man-eating dandelions. Applause.

Download (mp3, 31 MB)
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Track listing:

  1. Calamity Song – The Decemberists. From ‘The King Is Dead’, 2011, Rough Trade
  2. Revival – Deerhunter. From ‘Halcyon Digest’, 2010, 4AD
  3. The Wilhelm Scream – James Blake. From ‘James Blake’, 2011, Atlas
  4. Best Coast – When You Wake Up. From ‘Summer is Forever’ split 7″ with Wavves, 2011, Mexican Summer
  5. Golden Sea – French Films. From the ‘Golden Sea’ EP, 2010
  6. That Day – Villagers. From ‘Becoming A Jackal’, 2010, Domino
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