Brewed Boy podcast #7

Right, he’s finally done it. Shown me up by producing another podcast before I write a post. A whopping eight tracks and a new intro jingle to boot. Mr Rutter, you are an overachiever of the highest calibre.

Download (mp3, 55 MB)
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Track listing:

  1. ‘Desire’ – Anna Calvi. From ‘Anna Calvi’, 2011, Domino
  2. ‘Car’ – Jim Noir. From the ‘Zooper Dooper’ EP, 2011, Self released
  3. ‘Up So Fast’ – Young Man. From the ‘Up So Fast’ single, 2011, Chess Club
  4. ‘…And The World Laughs With You’ – Flying Lotus. From ‘Cosmogramma’, 2010, Warp
  5. ‘Horse Shoes’ – Wavves. From the bands blog, 2011
  6. ‘Take Me Somewhere’ – Tennis. From ‘Cape Dory’, 2011, Fat Possum (US)
  7. ‘Snow’ – Tall Ships. From the ‘There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here’ EP, 2010, Big Scary Monsters
  8. ‘Angel Echoes (Caribou remix)’ – Four Tet. From the ‘Angel Echoes’ 12″, 2010, Domino
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3 Responses to Brewed Boy podcast #7

  1. gavin says:

    Thanks you two. Both genuinely and sarcastically, as that was a bloody good mix, but it’s 8.37 on a Sunday morning, I’m on my way to work, yet all I really want to do now is neck a bag of drugs and go party.

  2. Hi Brewed Boy,
    I have to tell you that your site ROCKS! I Love your play list. Are you in the UK? Was not sure from the blog. I am the co-creator of a fun coffee website in the USA called I have a play list too 🙂

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