So long So Ho

Fare thee well you wonderful crack-addled borough of naughtiness. You need a wash but I still love you.

So Brewed Boy is no longer on Rupert St which is a damn shame because I made a lot of friends and, for the first time in a long time, truly felt part of a community. It’s like Devon but with really ugly prostitutes and no cows.

But onto ventures new! I am taking residency at (not a website but the actual canteen the website represents). It’s in Clapham don’t you know. Ben is a great guy who is all about local suppliers and quality ingredients so it goes without saying I brought Square Mile along to the party. There will be a new machine on the way but in the meantime we will be using this little baby…

It’s a beauty. An iconic e61 machine with bags of retro charm. Unfortunately, all was not well with the little chromed wonder. The previous owners need to be brought up in front of The Hague for crimes against coffee. First up the gaskets were so old they had fossilised (water was literally gushing out the sides instead of brewing the coffee!) and the screens were blackened with scorched coffee oils. I literally had to crobar the stubborn buggers out. The boys at did awsy great job getting us the replacement parts.



Next on the list of shame was the dispersion block. It’s like a shower head that soaks the coffee evenly except water was only coming out of one hole! Arghhhhh!


I had to soak the block in acid to release it from all the junk and then take a wire brush to free up those holes.


Finally I replaced the steam wand tip with a highly engineered beauty and chucked the one that used a rusty nail inside it to control the steam power – that is just wrong.


We now have a great machine that is producing the best coffee in this part of London. All for about 30 quid. I hope you come down to have a cup soon and get involved with what Ben is doing here. Top guy. Plus I’m on the contact grill in the morning making  Brown Sugar and Banana Drop Scones like this…_

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4 Responses to So long So Ho

  1. Shame you’re no longer there (I’ve still not tried your coffee!)

    We’re trying to set up a mobile cafe as well. Do you know if it’s possible for us to take over your street trading licence?


  2. Asif says:

    I miss you mate

  3. Greedy Diva says:

    And now it’s just me and the weird nuts. We miiiiiss you! And I’m so annoyed I didn’t get to say goodbye. On the bright side, I will definitely check out the new venture at Ben’s Canteen. I hope it goes really well – sounds awesome!

  4. Phil says:

    Goes without saying how much I miss you mate but I’m going to say it any way: I miss you like John Bobbit misses his… well you know.

    The reason I’m breaking my bout of stalking is because I want to see the picture of the damn scones… you didn’t attach it. Was it a test to see if people are paying attention?

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