Festival time!

Starting to apply for this summer’s festivals. I’m an outdoorsy kind of guy so the prospect of doing my thing in a field always lifts my spirits. Here are some of the things that make me love the life of a festival barista.

Wellingtons and short shorts – surprisingly few opportunities to bust out this outfit.

20 hour days fueled by too much caffeine, too much cider and too much adrenalin. Guaranteed best sleep of your life that night even if your tent is  pitched right next to a giant generator.

Fitness – Packing and unpacking, ferrying supplies too and from the support van which will be parked 10 miles away, going back because you left your float in the glove box, doing the coffee making dance for 20 hours straight, forgetting to eat because you are too busy/excited… buff by September! Well, not fat at least.

Friends – Meeting and working with great people. The festival crowd are a happy bunch!

People excited about coffee – Wake up in a collapsing tent with a stinking hangover, don’t have a shower, prepare yourself to traipse through a field of mud, realise you didn’t bring a raincoat – tell me you don’t need a coffee. Kisses and hugs from strangers all day long!


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5 Responses to Festival time!

  1. Jeremy says:

    My favourite thing was being taken for a ride by 8 yr old kids bartering for a pancake stack. And eating way too many burgers.

    • brewedboy says:

      “Ok, this is my offer. I want six pancakes for three pounds and I want extra syrup.”

      Totally a losing situation for us but we always said yes. Man those eight-year-olds were good.

  2. Dave says:

    Welcome back Brewed Boy? Welcome back Brewed Boy!

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