My Morning Commute

This is my morning commute. 7.4 miles.

Brixton. Acre Lane. Down the Long Road through Clapham Common. The long stretch of Latchmere Road leading to the battered Battersea Bridge. Dawn is breaking, the smoke stacks of the factory are reflected in the glossy Thames. Can’t gaze too long – lot’s of potholes and articulated lorries. Take a dog leg on Fulham Road and push on through the mansion blocks of Cranley Gardens. No broken glass on the side of the road in Kensington. Dodge the traffic at Hight Street and escape into the park. Sunrise if I’m starting late, pitch black if its early. Black shapes shifting on the benches – wonder who they are? Try to cycle the length of the park no hands. Sitting tall in the saddle lets the air back into your lungs. Put my hands under my armpits. Why do I have fingerless gloves? Bayswater is the final stretch of traffic before slinking through the sleepy homes to Westbourne Grove. A coffee and a banana taste good. It’s pretty chilly out there.

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4 Responses to My Morning Commute

  1. Kar says:

    Yeah I too have fingeress gloves. Britain’s week long summer is now over and we’re entering winter again. Joy.

  2. Cofee man says:

    Good post! More something like this one

  3. Knut Eirik says:

    In Norway we have -20C now, and there is no point in fingerless gloves then! 😉

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