MSF feast – Feb 13, Ben’s Canteen

Book for 7pm HERE. Book for 9pm HERE.

Mission Street Food were the pioneers of the modern street food movement. They were about taking a classic dish and doing what ever it took to make it better. Whether it was adding crispy duck skin to a burger or robbing some molecular gastronomy to tweak a fried chicken sandwich MSF went the extra mile. I’m hosting a dinner night at Ben’s Canteen to celebrate the mighty MSF. Let me introduce you to the dishes.


Mission Street Food feast – Pork Belly on Buttery Flatbreads.

I made these flatbreads for my Dad at his place in Miami after eating some shoddy kerbside BBQ – they are stupidly good and the perfect sheath for sticky, juicy, smokey pork. Repetitive prep can send you insane but making these butter laminated beauties is a joy (if I had to do it everyday I might put a gun to my head though!). I portioned the cornmeal dough into 30 plum sized balls, pancaked them with a rolling pin and buttered liberally. The discs are then rolled into a tube, coiled and flattened again – a spiral of molten butter unravelling from the centre of the bread like a fat-laden hypno-disc. Griddle these babies and they tear apart like a fresh baked croissant. I made 30 and it took me time! I’ll be prepping over 100 for Feb 13.

These breads are going to be loaded with brined and slow roasted pork belly – this is cooled, portioned and deep fried to serve so the crispy pork bark bursts with juice as you bite it, house pickled jalapeños and daikon radish for a sour edge, and slick of coriander aioli.

These “tacos” are one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. The rest of the menu is below. There are two sittings – 7pm and 9pm follow the links to book.

Chinese New Year – £30 Set Menu

BB’s PB Tacos

Deep fried pork belly, pickled jicama radish, jalapeno and coriander aioli on buttery flatbreads.

MSF Fried Rice

Duck fat fried rice, with confit duck, crispy duck skin, seared cauliflower and shiitake.

Coffee & Cigarette Burger

Granulated burger patty, topped with coffee braised beef short rib, Montecristo cigar infused date jam and monterey jack.

Milk & Cookies

Vanilla malt shake with bacon and apple cookie.

Milky Snixwerteers Kat

Candy bar terrine with a Brasillian Santa Alina cold brew coffee beer.

Fortune Cookie

Book for 7pm HERE. Book for 9pm HERE.

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2 Responses to MSF feast – Feb 13, Ben’s Canteen

  1. The duck fried rice sounds sublime! Are you only doing a set menu?

    • brewedboy says:

      Oh my it is good! With a sliver of crispy duck skin. It’s delicious. Yeah it is a one off event so set menu. I made the flatbreads a couple of nights ago and smothered them with hollandaise instead of butter. They were really tasty!

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