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Hi Vanlifers. Fergus has been living in his van since the mid 90’s. He is pushing 40 and still skates or surfs everyday. Crayfish Films (The Shaper) is making a new documentary about one man’s commitment to living a constantly … Continue reading

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Wonder Weasel Coffee

Comment: Dear Mr, Ms., Have you ever tried the most expensive coffee in the world? Have you ever tasted fresh roasted coffee from the Central area of Vietnam coffee fields? Do you know how exited your friends, family or colleagues … Continue reading

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MSF feast – Feb 13, Ben’s Canteen

Book for 7pm HERE. Book for 9pm HERE. Mission Street Food were the pioneers of the modern street food movement. They were about taking a classic dish and doing what ever it took to make it better. Whether it was … Continue reading

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My Morning Commute

New job, new commute. Love riding in the winter. Roll down Effra Parade and hang a left onto Atlantic Rd. Butcher shops line this street with aproned cleavers chiming a bloody beat like a halal glockenspiel. Slurries of foul smelling … Continue reading

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The Shaper

Here is a movie I made with my buddies Rich and Jeremy. We call ourselves Crayfish – I’ll explain later. It won awards at London Surf Film Festival, Byron Bay Surf Festival and Carve Magazine! Yeeeeeew!

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My rejected flyer

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My Morning Commute

This is my morning commute. 7.4 miles. Brixton. Acre Lane. Down the Long Road through Clapham Common. The long stretch of Latchmere Road leading to the battered Battersea Bridge. Dawn is breaking, the smoke stacks of the factory are reflected … Continue reading

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