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Hi Vanlifers.

Fergus has been living in his van since the mid 90’s. He is pushing 40 and still skates or surfs everyday. Crayfish Films (The Shaper) is making a new documentary about one man’s commitment to living a constantly stoked life. Through following his life on the road and using incredible archive footage of the 90’s surf and skate scene, #vanlife will change the way we look at life on the road for ever.

How you can help:

We need Instagram style snaps of other van dwelling surfers and skaters to use in a montage for the opening sequence of the film. Pictures of your van in remote and beautiful places, the back of your wagon stuffed with boards, you and your buddies sitting around the camp fire. If you are looking for inspiration… An English version of http://www.arestlesstransplant.com is in the ballpark.

We don’t have a budget so we won’t be paying you for your square vanlife snaps but we will thank you in the credits of the finished film for helping to bring Fergus’ story to the world.

To submit send pics as large as you can to rob.lockyear@gmail.com

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